Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season

February 7 - 9, 2020 at Zell B. Miller Learning Center

Event Recap

Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Overall - First Place

VRM - Jawad Iqbal, Kevin Koffroth, Emily Nieves, Hunter, Jake Alford

VRM is a teleoperated robot arm coupled with an intuitive VR user interface that consolidates visualization of sensor readout and control over the arm.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Overall - Second Place

WAND - Danny Tang, 6cho, Aladdin Al-Khatib

WAND is a device that is able to detect and identify objects that may pose a risk to a blind person by taking in input from its surroundings and outputting audio feedback about the distance and type of the object.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Overall - Third Place

Project Sunflower - Michael Marra, Daniel Ling, Corey Xing, Preston Lee

Project Sunflower is a proof of concept for a tracking solar panel device equipped with various other sensors connected to a MongoDB database for analysis in order to determine the direction of the greatest light source like a sunflower.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Best Video Game

Going Dark - Nikhil Chittaluru, Fuad Youssef, Jason Park, Keun Park

Going Dark is a web-based mobile multiplayer game to allow groups of friends to play against each other in team-based caputre-the-flag. Players can also capture enemy players while freeing their own in order to grab an advantage.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Best Beginner Hack

BurntOut - Nick Kreitz, Yaoviav, Proxence

Burntout is a website designed to help you find the right way to destress by pulling gifs based upon one of four thematic planets - Cute Planet, Satisfying Planet, Funny Planet, and Dash-Cam Planet.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Best Solo Hack

MEAL : Accessible Eating - Jack Towery

MEAL is a mobile application that aims to solve the problem of finding nutritious foods for low-income students and families as food deserts become more prevalent and the cost of living continues to rise. This is done by allowing users to search for summer lunch sites and Georgia farmers markets to get directions and information about them.

Check out their project on DevPost!

PwC Capture the Flag - First


PwC Capture the Flag - Second Place

Dangling Pointers

PwC Capture the Flag - Third Place


BlackRock Hackathon API - Winner

Genie - Andrew Zhao, Stephanie Yang, Jakub Jackowiak

Genie allows users to set short and long term goals then connect these goals to investments. By showing the connection between accomplishment and investment, the app encourages students to enter the world of investing as well as prompting them to plan for their future.

Check out their project on DevPost!

BlackRock Hackathon API - Runner Up

invEZ - Armaan Lala, Michael Rehman, Joshua Biswas

Investing is an extremely good financial option that everyone in this day and age should be utilizing. The problem with this is that it can be a very daunting task to get into. invEZ is an app that takes the stressful parts out of investing and helps to curate a tailored list of possible stocks specifically for the user.

Check out their project on DevPost!

BlackRock Hackathon API - Runner Up

Jasmine - Samuel Yuen, Manu Puduvalli, William Vega, Yi Jian Ma

Jasmine is made to help you get into investing while making sure you avoid the noise. Don't be baited by the news about "popular" stocks/companies or potentially huge gains from betting on a company. Instead, Jasmine has two API endpoints which access BlackRock's Aladdin, which in turn, returns financial information that Jasmine uses to show users the advantages of diversification.

Check out their project on DevPost!

Art Contest Winner

"Dog Days of Summer" - Stephanie Yang

Art Contest Runner-Up

"Under the Sea" - Stephanie He
Byte typing away on the laptop


This year at UGAHacks, we are all about helping your ideas blast off. Hackathons are all about exploring the galaxies filled with ideas and claiming one for yourself. You might even explore multiple planets before settling on one or use one as a base station to reach other ones. Log on and join us for this epic 36 hour programming sleepover, hosted at UGA's Zell B. Miller Learning Center.

Houston -- we got a problem! Fret not, we have mentors, workshops, and volunteers to help you get those critical resources so you can venture forth. Two resources you'll not need to worry about is food and water as plenty of shipments will be sent out throughout the event. We also got fun events such as karaoke and video game tournaments when you just want to unwind and float around in space. Just remember not to get sucked up into the black hole of procrastination!

We can't wait to see your otherworldly ideas!

Byte (UGAHacks's new mascot) greeting everyone
Welcome Byte - UGAHacks's new mascot!


Key Dates

Registration Opens:

December 1st

Registration Closes:

January 24th

Decision Response:

January 30th

Byte looking at the deadlines

Friday - Feb. 7th

5:00 PM Check-in Opens (MLC 4th Floor)
6:00 PM Tate Free Parking Decks Open
6:30 PM Opening Ceremony (Room 101)
7:15 PM Dinner/Check-In Closes
8:15 PM Art Contest Briefing (Room 348)
8:15 PM First Time Hackers/Team Building - Jennifer Ly (Room 102)
9:00 PM Web Architecture - Paul Hansa (Room 350)
9:15 PM BlackRock API Challenge and the Power of UX/UI (Room 101)
10:00 PM Web Dev 101: Hosting, Domains, and Analytics - Andy Troung (Room 348)
11:00 PM GitHub Sites for Sore IO's - Zane Blalock and Madison Hanberry (Room 350)
12:00 AM Sleeping Room Opens (Room 348)

Saturday - Feb. 8th

9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Future of Financial Products with Technology and Sustainability - BlackRock (Room 101)
10:00 AM Google maps app integration - Leo Chen (Room 350)
11:00 AM Pitch Perfect - Penn Hansa (Room 348)
11:00 AM Indoor Football Toss - State Farm (Room 102)
12:15 PM Capture the Flag - MLH (Room 350)
12:30 PM How to Solve a Cyber Crime - PwC (Room 101)
2:00 PM Lunch
3:00 PM HPCC Systems Big Data Analytics Workshop (Room 101)
3:00 PM Delivering Your Idea: Pitching with Purpose - BlackRock (Room 348)
4:15 PM Pathways - Statefarm (Room 102)
4:15 PM Resume Workshop (Room 350)
5:30 PM MLH Werewolf (Room 348)
6:45 PM Realtime cloud messaging mobile app with Ionic and Firebase - Dr Cengiz Gunay (Room 350)
8:00 PM Dinner
9:15 PM Join the UGAHacks Team! (Room 350)
9:30 PM Computer Hacking 101 with the Metasploit Framework - Jackson Reid (Room 348)
11:00 PM Smash Ultimate Tourney (Room 350)
12:00 AM Sleeping Room Opens (Room 348)

Sunday - Feb. 9th

9:00 AM Submissions Due on DevPost
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Expo/Judging (4th Floor Hallway)
1:00 PM Closing Ceremony (Room 101)


Where will it be held at this year?

At the Zell B. Miller Learning Center, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

How much will it cost to sign up?

Nothing! The entire event and its amazing perks are free for all participants, including meals and snacks to keep you powered throughout the weekend, as well as workshops to help you get started and sharpen your hacking skills.

Can I start working on my project before the event?

No. All UGAHacks projects must begin at the hackathon. You are not permitted to begin a hackathon project before this event. Feel free to bring ideas, but no code!

Who can sign up?

All university students! We welcome all undergraduates and graduate students of all skill levels to attend. Professionals and other guests are welcome to attend as mentors or volunteers.

What should I bring?

Enthusiasm! Laptops, phones, chargers, and other tools you might need for your project are also important! If you're staying overnight, be sure to bring the necessary toiletries and a sleeping bag. Additionally, please bring your official student ID or government ID (no photocopies allowed).

What if I don't have a team or idea?

Don't sweat it! You're free to join any existing team or form a new one when you get there. We'll also provide ample opportunities for hackers to meet each other and brainstorm some amazing ideas.

Will you be offering travel reimbursements?

Yes, we will be offering travel reimbursements! Please make sure to note it on your registration and we will reach out to you upon acceptance. University of Georgia students are not eligible to receive travel reimbursements.

Can I volunteer/mentor at UGAHacks?

We love your enthusiasm! Volunteers and mentors can apply via the registration form above! If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact us at - Be sure to mention the specific position in the subject of the email. See you at the event!

How many people can I have on my team?

There is no hard limit, but we recommend teams be at most 4 people, as we only have prizes for 4 people per team.

Where will I sleep?

We'll have designated sleeping areas for hackers, but they will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. You're welcome and even encouraged to bring a sleeping bag!

What are the rules all attendees must abide by?

UGAHacks will be following the MLH Code of Conduct. By participating in UGAHacks, you are agreeing to follow the Code of Conduct throughout the duration of the event.

Who do I reach out to if I have more questions?

Reach out to and we'll be happy to answer it!



Interested in sponsoring us?

By sponsoring UGAHacks, your company will have the opportunity to inspire new programmers while also reaching out to and recruiting the rising stars of the tech industry. Please look over the Sponsorship Packet and reach out to our sponsorship team for more information.

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